Solo Exhibit Number One

Solo Exhibit Number One

This is the date for my first one person show, A Sunday night at the OSA building. ( Following two years of intense work, It will be in the evening with a bit of music, food & drink. Will send details as date approaches. Please make a note & forward to your friends – Thank you.


Long Stem

Long Stem

I have a canvas hanging in the Rose Festival Art Show.
Located at the Oregon Society of Artists. Come take a peek if you’re downtown.

Johnny Martin Artist / Year One

Welcome to my first video post. It represents an enormous amount of work. I painted while listening to art lectures on-line, as well as past shows of Leslie Saeta’s “artistshelpingartists” on I began in July of 2011. Buying books, searching the internet and looking at thousands of paintings.
These paintings are for sale, and I do commissions now.

Capt. Ahab & Moby Dick

Capt. Ahab & Moby Dick

Gregory Peck as Ahab. The Captain’s hatred for the whale binds him to it and ultimately drowns trying to kill the beast.
20X16 oil on canvas / available from the artist
503-422-1886 cell
copyright-Johnny Martin 2012

Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett

Jazz Crooner Tony Bennett at his easel in NYC.
A singer who paints painted by a singer who paints…

16 X 12″ oil on canvas contact artist 503-422-1886

copyright Johnny Martin 2012

Dwight D. Eisenhower / Supreme Allied Commander

Dwight D. Eisenhower / Supreme Allied Commander

A truly great American.
14 X 11″ oil on canvas / contact artist 503-422-1886

copyright -Johnny Martin 2012