Sometimes Good is Enough

Edward Hopper

It is beautiful that he ended his career painting light on a wall…
You could get a lot of artistic questions answered by simply meeting the man.
Truly great at capturing the times he lived in.

Roomscape Gaugin

Roomscape Gaugin

Greetings- No doubt the Seahawks are the best- but it would have been nice to see a game!
I currently have 20 works hanging outside the Mayor’s office at Beaverton City Hall.
Next is Oregon Correctional Facility. Can you imagine how much more my paintings will be worth with a security guard standing near them?

B2 Wine Bar

B2 Wine Bar

I have a dozen works at B2 (B square) Wine Bar on 20th and NW Pettygrove,
some in the coffee house next door, as well as some canvases at Concordia College
Have a safe Happy Holiday!

First Thursday Elizabeth Lofts Gallery

First Thursday Elizabeth Lofts Gallery

Tonight in the Pearl District 6-9pm I have 20 works on display.
Thanks for supporting my Solo Exhibition – I sold 26 paintings,
including “Batphone” at $300…Ed & Tony played great!

Sunday Night Sept.1st 7-10pm

Sunday Night Sept.1st 7-10pm

One Night Only. Live jazz / food / drink @
Oregon Society of Artists 2185 SW Park Place Portland Oregon 97205. Solo Exhibition of 100 works in oil & acrylic. Music by Ed Bennett & Tony Pacini

I’m stuffed

I'm stuffed

Obviously affected by a 4 year old living in my midst.
Childhood is a fleeting thing & this was one way to help him look back. Oil on linen. 20X16

Solo Exhibit Number One

Solo Exhibit Number One

This is the date for my first one person show, A Sunday night at the OSA building. ( Following two years of intense work, It will be in the evening with a bit of music, food & drink. Will send details as date approaches. Please make a note & forward to your friends – Thank you.

Long Stem

Long Stem

I have a canvas hanging in the Rose Festival Art Show.
Located at the Oregon Society of Artists. Come take a peek if you’re downtown.



I saw a photo of Rockwell where he resembled Goebbels
and thought…hey- they were in the same profession!

Johnny Martin Artist / Year One

Welcome to my first video post. It represents an enormous amount of work. I painted while listening to art lectures on-line, as well as past shows of Leslie Saeta’s “artistshelpingartists” on I began in July of 2011. Buying books, searching the internet and looking at thousands of paintings.
These paintings are for sale, and I do commissions now.


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